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Facebook Class on SUPPORT and RELIEF! April 8-10!

Do you wonder what all the fuss is these days about Essential Oils? Here's your chance to learn about

them in the comfort of your own home! Put on your PJs, pour a glass of your favorite beverage and log on! This class will focus on Support and Relief! Joints? Muscles? Head? Cramps? Where is your discomfort?

The Facebook class will begin at 7:00pm on Saturday, April 8, 7:00pm. (Never mind you can't make the time - the class will be available for viewing until Monday, April 10th at Midnight!)

Even better - To celebrate the launch of Wellness Friends, Martina and I are going crazy giving away prizes. If you attend and interact, you'll be in the drawing for all these items!!!

RSVP here that you are attending!!

Which picture is you?

RSVP here that you are attending!!

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