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Toxins!!! What are they & Why do I care?

Toxins - What are they and Why should you care? I only recently started to take this seriously. As I read about all the different impacts toxins can have, I'm doing what I can to get rid of them. Over the next couple of days, we'll talk about: 1. What are toxins and "toxic load"? 2. What are sources around us that expose us? 3. What's the impact to our wellness? 4. What we are doing about lowering the impact!

1. What are toxins and "Toxic Load"?

You hear it all the time - you need to reduce your "toxic load'! But first, we need to understand what a toxin is and our natural way to get rid of them.

A "toxin" is any substance that causes excess stress to the body. Your "Toxic Load" refers to the volume of these substances that have been accumulated in the body at any given time and the overall burden it places on the body systems and vital organs.

2. What are the sources around us?

Toxins come from countless sources, many of which we are not even aware of. Environmental threats, chemicals, and radiation are three of the most common categories. Technically, every substance that has a consistent chemical composition is a “chemical,” but in commonly used terms, a chemical is any substance (natural or synthetic) that can stress the body.

Examples of chemicals we frequently come in contact with are ingredients in processed foods such as artificial sweeteners and flavor enhancers, automobile exhaust, cigarette smoke, solvents, plastics, pesticides, xenoestrogens, and harsh cleaning products. Radiation refers to high-energy particles that can negatively affect cellular structures and DNA. The most common source of radiation we are exposed to is sunlight. Our bodies are exposed to countless possible toxins every day (many of the interactions being unavoidable) but we can take steps to minimize their effect on our health.

3. What are the impacts of toxins to our wellness? Googling "impact of toxic overload" will give you so much information that you'll have to dig your way through it all. However, through all the opinions (i.e. blogs) and research (i.e. Mayo Clinic), a clear pattern emerges - toxins impact you ALL OVER! From headaches, to lack of energy, to low libido and more. Making daily changes to reduce your toxic load can have a significant impact on your overall well being. AND, many changes are EASY! Stay tuned!

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